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Salida nearly shot itself in the foot recently with the Salida Short Term Rental Fee Vote, but thankfully city council members reconsidered the ill-advised ballot initiative they had proposed putting on the November ballot for voters to decide on. (They were proposing a 200% increase in Short Term Rental License fees: raising it from $270/year to $5000!!!)

We all understand where their heart is; they’re trying to preserve Salida’s existence as a “real town,” not some gentrified Disneyland playground for tourists. And we’re grateful for the city council members who reached out to vacation rental stakeholder for guidance! And on that sound advice, they back-peddled before it was too late. THANK YOU, COUNCIL! And our thriving, tourist-based local economy thanks you too!

Remember: None of StayinSalida’s vacation rentals would be well-suited to becoming long-term housing. We hand-pick our homes with that criteria in mind. (Well, one other criteria too: we have to genuinely like the homeowners and want to work with them and care for their homes. Our clients—like our houses—are the best!). Take a look at some photos of the beautiful spaces available for rent near and in Salida, Colorado:

Looking for a place to stay in and around Salida, Colorado? We specialize in creating happy, returning guests, while preserving Salida’s down-to-earth, small town flavor.

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