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FIBArk is almost here!!

The Arkansas River is raging through downtown, the boaters are practicing in the holes, and the hooligans are…who are we kidding, the hooligans are still sleeping and won’t likely start making their crafts until the morning of the race, but everyone else is getting STOKED! Especially when they look at the music line-up! B-Side Players for Father’s Day?! That’s gonna be out of this world! Check out the rest of the music line up and events schedule here 

Looking for a place to stay in and around Salida, Colorado? We specialize in creating happy, returning guests, while preserving Salida’s down-to-earth, small town flavor.

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Broken Strings Guitar Shop Window Display

Broken Strings Guitar Shop Window Display

Two young, aspiring musicians ogle the guitars in Broken Strings guitar shop, on F St. in Salida. If you’re in the market for a guitar, check this place out! They’ve got scads of great axes!

Historic Salida, CO, in the Wild West days…

Historic Salida, CO, in the Wild West days…

Ye Ole S-Town, not so very long ago. Well, before the S graced Tenderfoot Mountain. And before we paved the streets and ran the gunslingers and brothels out of town. But other than that, very little has changed.


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