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Salida’s Historic Bar, The Vic, Gets a Facelift

No telling who’ll finally throw open the doors and start serving us out of this fabled watering hole, but we’re thrilled to see the old wooden bar and stained glass backdrop have been preserved and restored! No more peanut shells on the floor or pool tables in the back. The space has been divided into four commercial spaces, and rumor has it there will be affordable employee housing in the newly remodeled upstairs. What exactly qualifies as affordable in S-Town these days? Time will tell…

Looking for a place to stay in and around Salida, Colorado? We specialize in creating happy, returning guests, while preserving Salida’s down-to-earth, small town flavor.

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Historic Salida, CO, in the Wild West days…

Historic Salida, CO, in the Wild West days…

Ye Ole S-Town, not so very long ago. Well, before the S graced Tenderfoot Mountain. And before we paved the streets and ran the gunslingers and brothels out of town. But other than that, very little has changed.


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