Hungry Bears in Salida on the Search

Stay In Salida Blog - hungry bear up in the tree in Salida

Leaving trash unsecured can lead to hungry bears in Salida on the search for easy food (and leaving you a mess!)

Secure your trash bins, Salida!

I biked right under this big fella napping in some branches on Park Avenue recently. It wreaked havoc on trash cans for a couple of weeks there, but hopefully made its way back up into the woods. Trash rifling activity seems to have slowed down in town for the moment, thankfully.

Stay In Salida Blog - hungry bear up in the tree in Salida

Looking for a place to stay in and around Salida, Colorado? We specialize in creating happy, returning guests, while preserving Salida’s down-to-earth, small town flavor.

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Bishop Castle is located in the Wet Mountains, about 30 miles outside the equally bizarre and beautiful little town of WestCliffe, Colorado, and about an hour away from Sailda, CO.

Music by the River, Anyone?

Music by the River, Anyone?

Just 7 miles upstream from Salida, The Drift in serves delicious cocktails, tacos, nachos, jokes at the bar, music on the stage…they’ve really got it all! Ride your bike out or float in. However you get here, you’re gonna have a blast and no doubt run into some of your local pals.


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